Technology Behind The Product

Patent Number: 5,376,899

Amplifier with gain stages coupled for differential error correction

Abstract: An amplifier having two identical inverting folded- cascode amplifier stages coupled together through a coupling resistor at the positive terminals of the respective stages. Each stage includes an input gain transistor whose gate forms the negative input terminal of the amplifier stage coupled to receive an input signal through an input resistor, whose source forms the positive input terminal of the amplifier stage, and whose drain is connected to the source of a level-shifting cascode transistor. Both transistors are supplied current from a constant current source also connected to the source of the level-shifting transistor. The drain of the level-shifting transistor forms an output terminal of the amplifier stage. Each stage feeds its amplifier output negatively to the positive input of the other stage, while at the same time feeding its distortion and noise contribution positively, via input gain transistor conduction, to the other stage. Balanced amplified outputs are produced from either balanced or unbalanced inputs, and distortion and noise components are produced in common on both outputs for differential cancellation. Complementary-symmetry and power amplifier versions of the basic single-ended line-level amplifier are also provided.

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