Technology Behind The Product

Patent Number: 4,899,387

Active low frequency acoustic resonance suppressor

Abstract: An electrically active sound wave attenuation apparatus mounted in an upright, free-standing housing for eliminating unwanted reflected waves in a room. The housing is intended to be placed in a location where undesired wave patterns, such as standing waves, are formed in order to offset or cancel such conditions. These conditions are offset by generating an acoustic signal which is the inverse of pressure waves at a particular location. The pressure waves are sensed by a module, including a microphone which generates a corresponding electrical signal. This signal is sent to an electrical circuit where an inverse signal is created which is then transmitted to a loudspeaker. The loudspeaker output is directed toward the location where the standing wave would be formed. The loudspeaker output nulls local acoustic waves so that no standing waves are formed. the housing may incorporate two acoustically isolates modules with resonance attenuating qualities, one at each end of the structure.

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