Pass Labs Shows Radical SR1 Speaker System, Bringing Audiophile Edge to Deluxe Listening

by Bryan Stanton

Press Release

Audio Innovator Nelson Pass Delivers Uncompromising Four-Way Speakers Emphasizing Power, Accuracy, Performance and Style

CES ’09, LAS VEGAS Jan. 8, 2009 — Pass Laboratories, Inc., an audio innovator renowned for unique high-performance products, showcases the SR1 Loudspeaker, a high-performance listening system utilizing the highest quality drivers available, at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show. The SR1 is a four-way floorstanding system of uncompromising power, performance and style. Its refined sound stage, deep awareness of micro-detail, and effortless dynamics deliver superb, accurate musical reproduction.

With the SR1, legendary audio designer Nelson Pass has created a dramatic dualenclosure system with the look and feel of fine furniture, and the performance to match, thoroughly reflecting his rigorous dedication to detail. Mr. Pass holds numerous audio patents, developed the acclaimed Super-Symmetry™ circuit that improves amplifier performance, and has published over 30 designs enabling hobbyists to build their own amps.

The SR1 harnesses the classic “mass-controlled piston” model in which a speaker’s radiating surface behaves as a rigid surface. The trick to making it work is to find a perfect piston driver. The cone surface must maintain its shape over the frequency band without breaking up into resonant vibrational modes. The suspension and motor system must remain linear with high excursion.

The SR1’s drivers are the best available, presenting the finest combination of low distortion, high dynamics, and predictable performance. It takes drivers of at least four sizes to span the SR1’s 10-octave audio range without significantly leaving the “piston” region. The SR1 houses the drivers in dual enclosures. A large bass enclosure for the ten- and eight-inch drivers handles the bottom four octaves, and a smaller enclosure carries the midrange and tweeter. Custom crossover and equalization electronics elicit the drivers’ best performance.

The SR1 Loudspeaker is available now from authorized Pass Labs dealers at a suggested price off $25,000/pair. It can be seen with Pass Labs’ other outstanding products in Suite 29-140 at the Venetian Hotel during CES.