by Bryan Stanton

Press Release

SIT-1 and SIT-2 Amps In Limited Production
Nelson Pass’s SIT-1 and SIT-2 amplifiers, named for a batch of Static Induction Transistors he had custom fabricated, have begun to ship, and are available in the U.S. and Japan. The amps use innovative minimalist designs in single-stage, single-ended Class A circuits that deliver exquisite sound without negative feedback. They are the only solid-state gain devices that behave like Triode tubes and don’t, as Nelson Pass puts it, “sound quite like anything else.”

SIT-1, the more refined of the two, uses a monoblock design and features an adjustable dial on the front panel that helps to optimize the performance of different loudspeakers. SIT-2 is a stereo version of the same amplifier. Both amps sound big and musical with a clean presentation and the sweetness of tubes.