Triple-Chassis Triumph

Triple-Chassis Triumph

Our XP-30 3-Chassis Reference Preamp premiered to an enthusiastic reception at last year’s CES. Compared with earlier preamps, the XP-30 generates less noise, crosstalk, and distortion as well as a greater dynamic range, gain, output voltage and output current. It’s the best line stage Pass Labs had made to date — and reviewers agreed. Below are excerpts from two evaluations of the XP-30 by leading audio publications.

Dick Olsher, Senior Writer, The Absolute Sound, Special Electronics Issue, May/June 2012
“Bass control and resolution transcended anything I had previously experienced. The XP-30 did a brilliant job of sweeping away mid-bass and upper-bass mud, honing in cleanly on bass guitar or acoustic bass lines...The XP-30 is built for action. Transient attack was a model of speed and clarity, while decay was well-controlled...At its core, it is simply about musical values; music flows naturally through its circuits.”

Ed Momkus, Senior Reviewer, Dagogo, in the July 2012 Issue
“This is not only among the best preamps I've heard at any price range — it is now my personal favorite all-time preamp...this component grabbed me from the first listen, both in terms of its objective technical excellence and it's subjective presentation.

“In my opinion, there are very, very few systems which would not benefit from substituting the Pass Labs XP-30 for whatever current preamp is in use. Even if you already have an elite preamp in your system, you might be surprised by what you're missing. Very highly recommended, and at its current price you might even consider calling it a bargain compared to its competition.”

Secrets of Home Theater and High-Fidelity has also featured a makes-you-want-to-buy-one review, and another is being readied for an upcoming issue of Stereophile magazine, probably in the spring. Internationally, the reception has been just as positive, with highly favorable reviews appearing in Hong Kong’s StereoSound and HiFi Review magazines, Germany’s hifi & records, and China’s Home Theater and New Audiophile publications.

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