PASSport to CES

PASSport to CES

With January here, the staff at Pass Labs is finishing its latest CES exhibit. This year, the spotlight will be on our new Xs Preamplifier. Three years in development, the Xs Preamp raises to the next level lessons learned designing our critically acclaimed XP-30 Reference Preamp and the two Xs Series Amplifiers, the Xs 300- and Xs 150.

It will be showcased in performance with Sony’s dynamic SS-AR1 Loudspeakers at the Venetian Tower Hotel, Suite 34-209, in a system that also includes a pair of the Xs Amps and our 2-chassis XP-25 Phonostage.

In appearance, the Xs Preamp is a large two-chassis system built in a true dual-mono configuration. However, most of the innovations are inside, where its several circuit boards have been fabricated from materials optimized for top performance in each functional area for which a board is employed. Circuit boards for power supply circuits have different requirements than ones for gain stages. In the Xs Preamp, each board is custom designed for its specific use.

As a result, the Xs Preamp opens up the soundstage, delivers a greater sense of space and layering, and provides a clearer window into the performance of reproduced music.


Please stop by and listen. We think you’ll be thrilled by the result.

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