Amplifiers, the NeXst Generation

Amplifiers, the NeXst Generation

Marvel Comics has the X-Men, Pass Labs has the Xs Amps, our own superheroes in the expanding universe of components for audiophiles. And just as the “X” in X-men stands for extra power, so does the “X” in Xs. Already acclaimed, the Xs 300 and Xs 150 Amplifiers represent a new generation in the Pass Labs family of amplifiers. Three years in development, they have been designed to measure well objectively and to subjectively sound as well as they measure, an exacting process that led to numerous ear-pleasing refinements.

Delivering 300 and 150 watts, respectively, the Xs 300 and Xs 150 Amps are both monoblock models. They each employ double-stack chassis, four in all, with separate current sources and power supplies for each channel. The power supplies have separate chassis for lower electromagnetic noise, twice as much storage capacitance as earlier Pass Labs amps, banks of high-speed/soft-recovery rectifiers, improved high-frequency noise filters, bigger and quieter transformers, improved passive decoupling, massive heat sinks, lower standby currents, and massive current sources.

This is only a sampling of the features that make their performance extraordinary. For all the details, please visit

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