The twin chassis XP-25 phonostage preamplifier greatly improves upon the already exceptional performance of the XP-15. In addition to a separate and isolated power supply chassis, the XP-25 boasts adjustable gain, two separate inputs, a low cut filter, mute feature, resistive and capacitive loading all on the front panel for easy access. With the XP-25 you will discover a whole new dimension of dynamics, inner detail and spectral richness.

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Technical specifications  

53 dB (47 Single-ended)
66 dB (60 SE)
Weight (Lbs)
Ship Box Dim
23 x 18 x 18
Shipping Weight

Awards and Reviews  

"If you like an inviting balance of warmth and detail along with superior dynamic punch and transparency, the XP-25 is a rock solid high reward investment and just might be your last phono preamp purchase! "

Positive Feedback

"On the cut “Anyone Who Had A Heart,” her voice is smoother and more seductive than through some tubed units I have heard."

Tone Audio

"All the adjustments are right upfront and easy to read, making fine tuning a snap"

Jeff Dorgay - Tone Audio

Golden Ear Award - 2018



Owner's Manual

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Spec sheet