A single-chassis phonostage preamplifier, the XP-15 represents a sophistication and maturation of both thinking and component evolution. Each new design of that evolution has brought a steady improvement in measured metrics and flexibility -- greater accuracy in the RIAA curve, greater range of gain from 46db to 76db...and the list goes on. But more importantly the evolution has contributed to a more robust sonic image presented with improved resolution and additional sonic ease.

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Technical specifications  

40 dB @ 1 KHz (MM) max, single ended
46 dB @ 1 KHz (MM)max, balanced
Ship Box Dim
23 x 18 x 10
Shipping Weight

Awards and Reviews  

"There is more midrange tonal color than I would have ever expected from a solid state phono stage"

Positive Feedback

Positive Feedback Writers Choice Awards

Positive Feedback

"The XP-15’s dynamics clarity and ultra-low noise floor are tough to beat, and may convince the most hardcore tube lover to make a switch"

Lawrence Devoe

"Standout performance in bass and dynamics make the XP-15 one of the most exciting pieces I have ever had the pleasure of listening to."

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